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The General Aviation Safety Campaign is currently a 3 year program targeted to improve general aviation safety. This will be done through identifying issues from the stakeholders and data collected, working together to reduce the number of incidents, and bringing more awareness to those involved in this sector of aviation. These presentations are being delivered across the country and will be updated and/or added to with information pertaining to the feedback TC receives from those who attend and other information sources. The presentation is mostly targeting private fixed wing pilots but anyone with aviation experience is welcome to attend. The delivery of the presentation is expected to take approximately 2 hours with a short Q&A session after. The presentation delivers some current statics information that identifies the current accident categories applicable to general aviation and causes if known. It also discusses some ideas on the weaknesses leading to the accidents and does a review of some basic training information for the most relevant accident categories. There may be some safety information handouts for pilots to take with them if they choose and a list of relevant sites where more information can be obtained.